State Education Quality Service

  • Established in 2009.
  • An institution of direct administration working under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and Science.
  • Aims to ensure quality and the rule of law in education by monitoring the quality of education and providing support in education work.

Main functions of the Service:

  • acquisition, collection and the carrying out of analyses of information necessary for the development of education policy;
  • registration of education and research institutions, as well as childcare providers;
  • maintaining an on-line Study Directions Register; licensing of educational programmes (general education and vocational education programmes); provision of quality assurance in general education and vocational education, as well as acting as the National Reference Point of the EQAVET;
  • organisation of the validation procedure of professional competencies mastered in the process of non-formal education;
  • monitoring educational processes and issuing recommendations on how to tackle malfunctions; issuing and registration of certificates that authorise teachers’ private practises;
  • monitoring the work of sports specialists and sports education institutions.

The aim of the Service

The aim of the Service is to ensure quality and the rule of law in education by monitoring the quality of education and providing support in the implementation of educational process.

It is essential that all parties involved in educational processes at various levels should reach a common understanding of what a contemporary, innovative school is, what we expect of it, what we consider to be quality education, what the quality criteria are and their definition.

In practice, we use a quality monitoring system and perform regular follow-ups of quality indicators throughout the country. We acquire and collect information submitted by schools and local governments, analyze it, drawing conclusions and developing proposals for continuing activities. We believe that it is only through mutual support and co-operation that schools, parents, local governments, our Service, other public institutions and authorities, as well as non-governmental organizations can jointly work towards our common goal – the quality of education.