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From 1 January 2020, psychologists registered in the Register of Psychologists may only continue their work without a psychologist's certificate by entering into a contract with a psychologist-supervisor. Any registered and certified psychologist must enter into a contract with a psychologist-supervisor and supervise the psychologist.

Process description

  1. Submission of documents for obtaining the rights of a psychologist-supervisor
    In order to acquire the rights of psychology-supervision, a person shall submit a submission to the Council and attach documents attesting to the experience of at least five years of independent work in the relevant field of professional activity of the psychologist at least 1000 hours.

    For more information: Tel. +371 67367200, +371 67367200, email:

    State fee for granting of the rights of the psychologist-supervisor and the registration of a psychologist-supervisor (in each field) – EUR 10;

    The State fee shall be transferred to the Education Quality Service account (Reg. No. 90001259032, State Treasury of Latvia TRELLV22, LV03TREL1060150929900) before registration.

    Fee for psychologist-supervisor test - €100 shall be paid into the account of the State Education Quality Service (Reg. No. 90001259032, State Treasury of Latvia TRELLV22, LV39TREL215017302000B) before taking a test.

  2. Checking documents
    The Secretariat of the Board for Certification of Psychologists shall check the conformity of the submitted documents with the State Service for Education Quality. If a person has not submitted all the necessary documents or the documents submitted are incomplete, the Board of Certification of Psychologists shall ask the person to rectify the deficiencies within a specified time limit and shall suspend the examination of the matter.

  3. Sort a psychologist-supervisor test
    The Board of Certification of Psychologists shall inform the person regarding the time and place of the psychologist-supervisor test, as well as the content of the psychologist-supervisor test programme, not later than two weeks before the date of the psychologist-supervisor test.
    If, for justifiable reasons, a person does not appear for a psychologist-supervisor test, he or she shall have the right to arrange it at another time specified by the commission.
    If a person does not come to a psychologist-supervisor test without a justifiable reason, the fee for the psychologist-supervisor test shall not be repaid.
    After the examination, the commission shall adopt an opinion and submit it to the Board for Certification of Psychologists.

  4. Decision of the Board for the Certification of Psychholgs
    The Board for the Certification of Psychologists shall, within two working days after the psychologist-supervisor test, evaluate the results of the examination and the opinion of the examination commission and take a decision regarding the granting of the right to supervision or regarding the refusal to grant the right to psychology-supervision.

  5. Entering information in the public register
    Information on the granting of the rights of a psychologist-supervisor is entered in a public register of Psychologists'in State education information system ( pieejama informācija-Psihologu reģistrs).