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In order to be able to carry out child care, both - nannies and childcare centers, etc., must be registered in the Register of Child Care Service Providers.

Process description

  1. Application submission
    Documents to be submitted:
    Application (by form),
    A copy of the educational documents (one of the following documents must be submitted: diploma for pedagogical education or certificate for a training programme for the training of children completed for at least 40 hours, nanny's certificate of qualification, statement from higher education, statement from the workplace),
    A document regarding the skills to provide first aid (certificate regarding the vocational training programme in the care of children or certificate of first aid courses or driver's licence).

    The service is provided for free.

    For more information: +371 28684264, email:

  2. Verification of information
    Information regarding the compliance of natural persons with the requirements specified in the Child Rights Protection Law and other regulatory enactments shall be examined.

  3. Decision making
    A decision on registration in the Register of Child Care Service Providers or refusal to register shall be taken.

  4. Entry of information in the register
    Information about registration is entered in a public register of a child care service providers at State education information system:

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