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Education programmes may only be implemented by registered educational institutions. The service is provided to enable the educational institution to legally establish and implement educational programmes (exceptions are the institutions implemening only non-formal adult education or interest education programmes).

Process description

  1. Application submission
    In order to receive a service, an application and the documents attached thereto shall be submitted to the State Education Quality Service: the by-law of the institution, the documents attesting to the information referred to in the application.

    The service is provided for free.

    Consultation can be obtained by phone: 67367202 (Agnese Lasmane), e-mail:

  2. Verification of information
    State Education Quality Service will Check the Submitted Information

  3. Decision making
    When taking a decision regarding registration of an educational institution, it will be granted a registration number and published within three working days in the State Education Information System ( Information on the registration of an educational institution will be granted a public confidence status.

    Decision to refuse registration, will be sent to the addressee.

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